The Shattered Hearts of War

As the soldiers around us lay dead
I feel sad for them as they lie motionless
We try to avenge them and get ahead
But we had to retreat - leaving fallen bodies behind us
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I think of the soldiers' wives and children
that will cry ober their fallen love
Their tears falling on the soil like endless raindrops
Will we ever see our loved ones again?
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As the explosions show brightly around us
We fight on to go back to our homes and families
I fight for one purpose - to live and return to my love
We hold everyones' fates in our hands

As the bodies pile up around us
It seems no one else notices or cares
But I care and yet try to stay focused
as the time passes and only more die

We fight with all out might
who knows how long it shall be?
As the years drag by
Will I ever forget the sights I saw?