The bombs are falling no faster than my friendsand you couldn't possibly imagine whats running through my headLetf, right; left, right.The dead are just the dead.external image imag0282.jpg
My love; my life, sick, tired, home and alone in bed.She had warned me but I just had to leave for new experiences and sights my buddies said to be exciting and heady
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It would be no surprise to die tonightbut if I return home, I will face the regret of disreguarding her sentimentHowever, she is my motovation; she is my light.
If I had a clue, theres no way I'd be hereThe conditions are harsh and men are inferior
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I believe its true, you have no idea until you're interior.
It is no matter to those men who or what you areTo them you're just another number; another statistic.
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So who are they to direct me in this war?I'm nearly positive they don't care what battles I already wear Next chance I get, I'm running homeI will start anew and forget of these torturing nightmares.

I am young and lively
This war will not be the death of me