Young and naive, they sign up to fight
To return a heroic soldier is the ultimate height
external image p7l.jpg
Unaware of the struggles that lay ahead
These teenagers dont think about the thought of death
external image argonne.jpg
Lying in wet trenches; the skin on their feet coming off
external image manydead.jpg
The high spirits forgotten as the going gets rough
Men strewn on the fields of unfamiliar land
If only the brave generals would offer a hand
Being lined up and shot
Amongst their loved ones, they will never be forgot
As the mustard gas emerges from every side
Grab your oxygen mask and pray that you are one of the luck one's that survive
external image world_war_australian_infantry_small_box_respirators_ypres_1917.jpg
With every passing second they become nearer to death
Its becoming harder and harder to hold your breath
Bearing the pain is a must
Or your life with disappear in a cloud of dust
Machine guns wiping out the infantry in waves
external image 300px-Vickers_IWW.jpg
This whole war is just a childrens game
During the battle you will become cold, injured, and sore
I ask you do you understand what your fighting for?