world war one,
what do you think was really won?
there was no money put off to the side
it was but every soldiers pride
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all we wanted was to be free
not to suffer for the enemy's need
there was smoke and gas everywhere
bullets were hitting you through thin air

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i was starting to think that the trenches were the safest place
until enemies came and were chasing me through a race
i can still hear the screams and the fear
i can smell the poison and the gas

i can almost feel myself choke
my friends and family came and fought with me
i wish they would have
stayed home so they can see

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they are dead now; all of them

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all but cousin Eddie who is missing a few limbs
i still cry every night
but i'm most thankful i didnt go into the heaven light

people always say how lucky i must be
if i was so lucky then i would have a family with me
so what was won during this time?
no one will ever know what was behind enemy lines.