Hearing the gunshots fire
Feeling my pulse get higher
Vibrations of the bombs all around
Digging trenches,underground
external image imag0261.jpg
Sleeping on cold, hard dirt
Praying that I don't get hurt
Watching new friends dying each day
God opening heaven's gates
external image imag0537.jpg
Machine guns firing
Shot after shot
My knees get weak
And i just drop
external image imag1404.jpg
Death,it is my biggest fear
Tastes more salty then a single tear
Through this war,my pride stays high
For my country,i'm willing to die
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Walking through this satanic place
I hear a noise, my heart starts to race
As I feel the bullet hit
I stay strong and tough through it
external image imag0414.jpg
Stay alive for the kids
The ones I love
Sorry that i coudn't live
I will watch them from above
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