Going Home

We have been gone for way to long
I hear a far off voice singing a familiar song
Now it is later in the week
It's the victory that we seek
I see the gas ready to go
external image imag0693.jpg
The men are all worried about their feet in snow
external image post-8-1088247345.gif
Oh my gosh! Look at his skin
I pray to the lord for have sinned
The machine gunis wiping out all those men
external image imag0666.jpg
Wow! The are falling in rows of ten by ten
As a group we march through town
external image imag1020.jpg
All the foreign peoplebegin to look like clowns
The generals have realized
How much or army has minimized
As we are trapped on this hill
The officers kep yelling "Kill,Kill,Kill"
Now as the artillery hits
external image ARTleroux.jpg
Many of my fellow soldiers are blown to bits
Ok, I now have to be quiet frank
I am really becoming nervous as I see that tank
as I sit in pain on this train
external image sb013.jpg
I will try to get these horrible thoughts out of my brain
as I look at my leg and see the bone
I think, at least I get to go home