Alive or Dead
i lie in he wet cold mud
not knowing if i was alive
or if i was dead
external image imag0386.jpg
but really does it matter
matter if i was alive a would still fight
fight the gas
fight the weather
fight the bombs
fight the guns and fight for my life
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all i can think about
about the smell of the bodys
about the living conditions and
about my family left at home
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would death be better
better not to have to fight
better living everything behind
family & friends & kids
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but lying thiere not know i could not fell
fell the wind smell
smell that smell of my friends dying bodys
bodys that might not be found
external image dead_horses.jpg
so what am i alive or
am i dead
will i be found alive or
will i be found dead
dead or alive
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alive or dead does it even matter
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