All is lost,
Or though it seems.
Lives are taken at no cost,
Killing is enforced by all means.

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The stentch of death fills the air.
Sounds of missles make it impossible to hear.
Black and gloom seen everywhere,
Our lives ends seem far too near.

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The ghosts of those who have past haunt those of the living,
Warning us of the hard decisions we are making.
Not one of us is sure what we are truely fighting for,
Yet each day again and again we go out and fight this war.

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Missing our loved ones , our homes, and our beds,
But hardly having enough time to worry about being fed.
Through thick and thin we hold our heads strong
Hoping to not be away from our loved ones too long.

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So on through the blood soaked trenches we walk.
As mud squishes between the toes inside our long socks.
The nights are long, and even longer, the days.
This war seems to have been one never ending maze.

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All of us soldiers have lost all feeling
We just have been placed with guns for killing.
And if I am to die in this war
I'd be unsure of what I lost my life fighting for.