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As Simple as War

I heard the screams of my men

And I offer my shaky, bloody hand

But I saw the life drain right out of him

As his face dropped deep into the dark sand

I thought all hope was lost

And it was

My only means of survival relied upon the mechanics of a gun

Memories of my friends and family, lost along with my hopes

And that's just war.

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What is War Worth?

I peeked over the mound

My feet sinking deep into the ground

And all I could think of was

I just want to be home-bound

I just want to see my wife and kids

Because the reality is

Nothing is worth this


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I Was Alone

I hear the hail of gunfire whiz past my head

I run for cover

Stepping on the hopeless and bloody dead

And I didn't care

I only cared for my own life

And my life alone

And then I opened my eyes as i laid in the dirt

I was alone

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