Remember the soldiers who fought to die
Remember the battle field for which they lie.
Remember the lives that were deadly lost
Remember it was liberty that was at cost.

Don't forget them, they fought for glory
Don't forget their deadly story.
Don't forget it was life they gave for fame
although life will never be the same.

Listen to the voices that will forever haunt
was death really what they want?
Listen to the bombs fire
Death is rising higher and higher.
Listen carefully and you will hear
Soldiers weeping with regret and fear.

Imagine all the dirt and blood
Imagine all the bodies flood.
Imagine death it gets near
Imagine your last thought at tear.

Are they thinking about life?
Are they thinking about death?
Are they thinking about their families they left?
Are they thinking their country is worth dying for?
Are they regretting ever being at war
Are they proud they gave their lives?
We'll never know because they're no longer alive.