Another Day of War

Sitting in this trench watching, tense waiting,
alertness, our bodies ready.
Starving bellies and much thirst.
The smell of rotton corpses lie in the air.
Some injured are soon to be dead.
external image Cheshire_Regiment_trench_Somme_1916.jpg

All i know is war and all of its horrors.
We soliders come out over the trench to attack.
I watch people fall,
Guns rattling explosions are roaring.
My legs get weak,
I can't run, frozen.
external image FIGHT.JPG
You have to become thickskinned to try to survive.
We march and are no longer an individual.
Cries are heard inbetween explosions,
I tremble in my skin,
Try not to be a coward cause then i will die.
To a solider the earth means so much.
external image rm8_dead_troops_lrg.jpg
A man cries in my arms, terrified,
While he dies i sit there in shock
I shoot to put him out of his misery.
Forgetting my past,
I think everyday will be my last,
I hope i survive,
Cause a day does not go by that i think i am going to die.