I went to war to fight with pride
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Eager and thought I was willing to die
Yet I never thought I would truly face death
I thought I was more invincible than the rest
I said goodbye to family and friends
Hoping just to see them again
So off I went to the war I would fight
Knowing deep down I was doing what’s right

As soon as I was face to face with the dead,
I realized war was not like they said
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Death and destruction was every which way
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Then I prayed to God I’d live through this day
We used to think this would be possible to win
Then machine guns tore through our allies’ skin
“Throw that grenade,” somebody instructed
He better not miss, or we’ll all be destructed

So many died, and others in pain
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Why did they die, was it in vain?
Was it Christmastime yet, or even December?
Why were we there-could anyone remember?

Through all of the struggles and all of the strife
French, British, German-all soldiers want life
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There comes a time when the army must fight
Whatever it takes to make this world right.