Charging towards Bullets
Shooting faster than the speed of light
Brings back flashbacks of my life
Remembering the good times and bad
Wishing now I was present in a differnt land
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Explosions go off in the sky
That would remind a child of The 4th of July
Except these explosions define something else
Dying, crying, and struggling for your state of health
Oh how I wish I were someplace else
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Living in Trenches are a vex
With Trench Feet and wounded men
No room for comfort
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Or safety from the monsters
For That those Tanks and bombs will come
And take our lives faster than a blink of an eye
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Not only are you scared for your life
But you also feel concered for your friend's life
It is wonderful to make friends that care for you
But the hardest part about being friends with them
Means you will loose them too
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When my comrades die
Its like drentching my heart in poison
Oh how I miss them so
Oh God I hope you took them with you
I have a feeling it will be my turn soon
So good-Luck Friends that survive this
War of patheticness
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