Soliders Die An Honorable Death

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lets go to war, Britain needs you!
they made it sound so happy
but whoever knew it would be so depressing
i knew this solider didn’t
i didn’t know the rest of my life would be spent in a trench
who knew only 20 and now a solider going off to war
that i would be given a gun and an order to kill

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hearing the machine guns going off in the distance
looking over at my friend throwing a grenade
and hearing those awful words ”over the top” by my general
i knew once my gas mask couldn’t be found, i was doomed

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i thought to myself as the gas was filling my lungs
why did i come here what was i fighting for
was it for liberty, whatever the hell that was
was if for freedom of my wife and kids
i’ve got nothing now, nobody
nothing but the horrid memories of war
as i lie here in a field god knows were
my body starting to decompose
i realize my mother wont have a son to burry
she wont have a grave and a tomb stone for me

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all i’ll have are those damn popp flowers above me
and my brothers beside me
so much for an honorable death