Lying in the mud
Life flashing before my eyes
Not thinking of liberty and honor
But thinking of love and life and years lost

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Why are we fighting?
Because the important men say we should?
Because we are fighting for our country?

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Well, what happens when all the men of our country are dead?
What was the point?
Why are we lying in the trenches with gas filling our lungs?
Drowning from the muddy water, and fluids filling our lungs
Are we thinking of protecting our country?
No! We are thinking of the life we left behind
Of the childern and the spouses at home

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And all the while the Big important men are saying the war is just
No war is just
Why you ask?
Because those words: liberty, honor, democracy. They mean something different to everyone
So when you think to yourself, "I'm going into the war to protect my country"
Think about what you're leaving behind
Is your family worth dying a painful death?

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I don't think so
Life is more important than anything you will go through in that dreaded warzone
I guarantee you my friend...
If you go into that war, don't expect to come out.

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